Why choose a Stastny Pot 
over a mass-produced 
concrete planter?

Most mass-produced planters are inferior 
to Stastny Pots in several ways...

 Stastny Pots are superior focal points for any landscape     and are interesting conversation pieces as each piece is     a uniquely created, valuable piece of original art.

Stastny Pots are the best pot for your plantings. Their very     thick walls (over 4” thick) protect the root system of your     plants from heat in summer and from cold in winter.

Stastny Pots are built to be the most durable planters.     Each concrete planter is made of a durable long-lasting     concrete material and is reinforced with 3/8” steel rebar.     These planters can withstand the most extreme weather.

Stastny Pots are competitively priced, yet are a true     investment and will not only increase the value of a     landscape, but can be passed on to future generations.

Above:  Cristi sitting on a concrete, stone pot planter for a Japanese maple tree.  

Below left:   Joe proudly standing by a large stone pot for an architectural or landscaping project.  The concrete can be tinted different colors.  

Below right: Cristi  standing next to a custom, concrete, stone pot.  Hand-made and hand-crafted!

Rome was made of Concrete…
A Concrete Planter can last
for thousands of years!
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Webster defines "masterpiece" as "a person's most excellent production, as in art," and "any production of masterly skill." This is a perfect description of Stastny stone pots, stone fountains and stone fire pits. All pieces are uniquely created, valuable pieces of original art.

These custom-designed, hand-crafted stone pots are of the highest quality garden art.

We are not aware of anybody else in the United States and/or Canada who hand carve each piece individually, using hammers, chisels and other carving tools to create these original masterpieces. Every piece is signed by the artist on an attached stainless steel plaque. These elegant vessels have gained respect, admiration and popularity throughout the United States and Canada. It is prestigious to own a Stastny vessel.  


Custom Designed
Hand-carved, One-of-a-kind Stone Planters,
Stone Fountains and Stone Fire Pits
to beautify your landscape.

Suitable for residential and commercial projects alike, these pieces make a dramatic statement in any landscape.

Choose from  one of our dozens of designs, which can be made in most any size and a variety of color choices,
or let us customize a design specifically to your project.



20901 Caleb Payne Rd,  McMinnville, Oregon  97128  

 Email:  cristi@stastnystonepots.com

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Stastny Stone Pots